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Car-exhaust cacophony. Ugly sun going down is ugly, even from where I am where the moon is high in the sky. Long and extraneous day; whom and how and why? Large intake of Supernatural and men in suits that don't fit. I eyed the pretty women that paraded down the street and waved back at them; people are strange when you're a stranger. This kind of discordant nature is just so highly unusual of me, and yet there were comics that had to be finished, rising up from the flood of work adults who are not yet adults are faced with. I have, in general, no idea.

Final exams are coming up soon, those for IB and AP and then the general finals. High school, like the unattractive bird that regurgitates its food, just can't be kept down. Please, please, please, tell me it morphs into something shiny to look at, at least, later in life. Buhhh. Leftover Easter candy is filling up this house where people don't have a religion, let alone believe Judeo-Christian Easter mythology. And yet we care naught for the sake of the candy. Also, I am yet to post Japan/Host family pictures either here or on my LJ, and there are a stack of comic pages on the table waiting to be inked. Where do these lazes come from? Why are lazes pluralisable nouns?
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